• Textile materials

    Textiles - Tearproperties of fabrics - Part 3: Trapezoidal tear strength test GB / T 3917 ISO9073 Textile Materials: This standard applies to all kinds of wovenand non-woven fabric tear strength test average, using arm-type host, if you doneed to use wide strip stretching gantry floor-host configuration to Gripsbroadband, combined with intelligent software tester ZZ automatically calculate..

  • Determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard

    This standardapplies to all paper and board test except corrugated outside, there are twomethods: Constant loading method and the constant speed stretching. The maintest indicators: The tensile strength and elongation at break We recommend usingWDW-2 computer-controlled arm testing machine, tensile fixture configuration,automatic computer control test procedure, the test speed and loading mod..

  • Determination compression strength of corrugated board

    PackagingMaterials This standardapplies to single flute (three) double flute (five) three flute (seven) whilemeasuring the strength of corrugated board pressure. RecommendedWDW-BZ10 or BZ20 host device, with a diameter of 100mm and crates size platenor platen match test, the main test indicators: compression strength in thevertical direction, the testing process computer control, test spee..

  • Wood grain tensile strength testing

    The programapplies to small sample timber unblemished stripes tensile strength test, We recommend usingour UTM5504 model, configuration wedge stretching jig for holding the tensilespecimens, with SUNS FY-2000 intelligent software to automatically strike thetensile strength of wood grain, and provide a test report. Carefulunderstanding of testing standards will test procedure, fixtures..