• Plastic stretch performance test method

    Plastic tensile propertiesASTM D638 applied dumbbell shape(including flat and round specimen, namely two big middle small), rod-shapedand tubular sample types, for the determination of unreinforced and reinforcedpull shaping material tensile properties specified test conditions. Theseproperties include tensile strength, tensile modulus and deformation at break. ◇ Test equipment ◎Sample preparat..

  • Metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method

    This standard specifies themethod for tensile testing of metallic materials principles, definitions,symbols and instructions, the sample and its measurement, test equipment, testrequirements, performance was measured for 6892 and test reports. Before thetest, a detailed inspection of this standard, in order to fully grasp theresults set the desired test equipment, test procedures and required. W..

  • plastic compression performance test method

    Plastic compression performance test method are used to study the properties of plastics compression, compression stressmeasurement plastic compression modulus of elasticity and the conditionsprescribed compressive stress - strain relationship. For the following range of materials: Rigid and semi-rigid thermoplastic casting and extrusionmaterials. Including the use of short fibers mixed and filled..

  • Plastic bending performance test method

    Plastic bending test is mainly used to test the materialproperties when subjected to bending load is applied, used in the productionbending test to evaluate the bending strength of the material and size of plasticdeformation. Mainly used: Thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials, includingfilled and unfilled materials and reinforced rigid thermoplastic sheet. Theseproperties include flexural ..

  • Plastic film stretching

    This sectionapplies elongated dumbbell specimen or sample type, for thedetermination of plastic films and tensile properties of thickness less than1mm plastic sheet specified test conditions. These properties include tensilestrength, tensile breaking stress, elongation and other indicators. Recommended testequipment: 500N usingcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, with ..

  • Fiber reinforced plastic tensile properties

    Fiber reinforcedplastic tensile properties for the determination of the fiberreinforced plastic tensile stress, tensile modulus, Poisson's ratio, elongationat break and draw the stress - strain curve. Fiber reinforcedplastics for the recommended five tons computer-controlled electronic universaltesting machine, specimen holder fixture select Manual wedge stretch, tensilemodulus Poisson's ratio mea..

  • Determination of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber tensile stress-strain properties

    Determination GBTvulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber tensile stress-strain properties ofvulcanized rubber and determination applicable 528-2009 or thermoplastic rubberproperties such as tensile strength, tensile elongation, elongation strength,given stress elongation, yield point stretch modulus and yield pointelongation, which measure the yield point, tensile stress and strain appliesonly ..

  • High strength adhesive floating roller peel strength measurement method

    This standardspecifies the determination of high-strength glue joints with floating rollermethod of peel strength method, which means that the peel strength peelstrength rigid metal under specified test conditions of the adherend anddeflection between the metal adherend. 10KN gantryfloor-host with the floating roller peel test fixture can meet the requirementsof standard equipment for the rel..

  • Ceramics, glass

    Detect varioustypes of ceramic tiles modulus of rupture and breaking strength, using specialequipment ZZ ceramic bending test, bending jig with a ceramic, combined with ZZtester intelligent software to automatically strike breaking strength andmodulus of rupture. About ThisSolution Standards: GB /T3810.4-2006 | ISO10545-4: 1999 Sample type: from theshape sample Material: TilesTest Type: bendin..