Common Faults and troubleshooting

Non-standard or unusual operation is the main cause of failure, when the fault occurs first should be checked  whether it is caused due to incorrect handling.Lists several examples of more typical failure,if other faults occurplease contact us.



    Cause of issue

    Exclusion method


Machine rise and fall without action

1)      Channel line is bad

2)      Speed control system is overloaded

3)      Drive alarm (digital flashing on the drive)

4)      Re-install the software or computer operating system


1)  Reconnect the channel line

2)  Check the cause of the overload and be excluded, and then re-energized to start

3)  Choose different solutions depending on the alarm parameters

4)  Data backup disk onto a computer to reinstall or contact the seller


Test Force Display overload

1)Force is greater than the          full-scale test

2)Click down to do experiments

3)   Load sensor is damaged

4)   Load sensor wiring broken or insecure socket

5)   A plurality of sensors, choose to replace the sensor in the software but did not replace the sensor

1)  Beams move in opposite directions

2)  Click rise to eliminate the force value, then click Start to experiment

3)  In other load sensor

4)  Repair broken or check socket

5)  Based on the selected sensor range to choose sensor


No-load operation in the process of machine downtime

1)Software parameter setting error

2)Software prompts use a timeout

3)Hit upper and lower limit

1)Refer to "Software User's Guide," re-set parameters

2)Contact sales managers ask License

3)Click Stop, remove the stopper


Software is functioning abnormally

1)    Programs are loose collection

2)    Is not compatible with programs and computer motherboards

3)    Program capture card is damaged

4)    By computer viruses

1)      The program rcapture card installed and antivirus disk to eliminate the virus, re-use backup disk

2)      Contact sales company, ask for the upgrade tool

3)      Replace the acquisition card program

4)      Eliminate the virus with the antivirus disk. Re-copy with the backup disk



Displacement does not show

1Encoder damage

2Channel line problem


1Replace displacement encoder

2Reconnect the channel line. Not enough, then both ends of the 25-pin and 25-hole checking whether the channel line needle and hole damage,


Test curve does not show

1Select the "force - displacement" curve

2Click on up or down to do the test

3Remove extensometer display black


1Settings> System Settings> Click software will shift reverse the values marked

2) Click Start to do the test

3Tap "Remove extensometer" let it show yellow


After the test non-stop

1Not selected "broken Judgement"

2Judgement break down the condition is not reached

1Select "broken Judgement", click on the yellow

2Click on Settings software> System Settings> will determine the starting point of a 20% break type changed to 0.01%