Plastic stretch performance test method

Plastic tensile properties ASTM D638 applied dumbbell shape (including flat and round specimen, namely two big middle small), rod-shaped and tubular sample types, for the determination of unreinforced and reinforced pull shaping material tensile properties specified test conditions. These properties include tensile strength, tensile modulus and deformation at break.

Test equipment

◎Sample preparation equipment: manual or electric punching machine, one Taiwan; or by injection mechanism have five or more standard sample

◎Test Equipment Host: 20KN computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine

◎Test equipment:

• Electronic extensometer: choose when to strike tensile modulus, plastic material properties very similar to the majority, are required to accurately measure strain extensometer. Plastic stress and strain curve usually contains a linear elastic region and a non-linear plastic region. A handful of deformation occurred in the linear region, and because modulus is measured within this region, so high-resolution extensometer is necessary.

• Fixture: We recommend using a mechanical lever handle plastic wedge tensile specimen test fixture.

• Selection shaping material deformation, deformation of the material over 50mm strike tensile strain: large deformation measurement system

About This Solution

Related standards: GB / T1040 | ASTM D638 | ISO 527-1 | ISO 527-2 | JIS K7113

Sample Type: tube | Round | Dumbbell type

Material: Plastic

Test Type: tensile