plastic compression performance test method

Plastic compression performance test method are used to study the properties of plastics compression, compression stress measurement plastic compression modulus of elasticity and the conditions prescribed compressive stress - strain relationship.

For the following range of materials:

Rigid and semi-rigid thermoplastic casting and extrusion materials. Including the use of short fibers mixed and filled reinforced plastics; small rods, plates or additional non-filled form of small particles; and rigidity - semi-rigid thermoplastic material. Rigid and semi-rigid thermoset casting materials, including filled and reinforced compounds; rigid - semi-rigid thermoset sheet, thermotropic liquid crystal polymer.

Test equipment:

◎Sample preparation equipment: injection molding machine with a standard sample was more than five

◎Test Equipment Host: 20KN, 50KN computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine

◎Test equipment:

·Fixture: We recommend the use of hardened steel to manufacture 100mm diameter circular platen

·Digital dial gauge: performing compression tests on both sides of the platen diameter mounted digital dial gauge, accurate measurement of the amount of compression type

Test Note: For plastic compression test, must sample and test equipment along the axial urging to a constant displacement rate of compression, until the specimen breaks or reaches a predetermined load value, or sample axial length reaches a predetermined value. Throughout the testing process, in addition to the specimen fracture, the load must be kept constant or to maintain the sample length measuring change in length or load change of the sample in the context of a preset value. 

About This Solution

Standards :GB / T 1041-1992 | JIS K7181 | ISO 604 

Sample Type: rectangular cylinder

Material: Plastic

Test type: Compression