Plastic bending performance test method

Plastic bending test is mainly used to test the material properties when subjected to bending load is applied, used in the production bending test to evaluate the bending strength of the material and size of plastic deformation.

Mainly used:

Thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials, including filled and unfilled materials and reinforced rigid thermoplastic sheet. These properties include flexural strength and flexural modulus.

Thermoset molded sheet, including filled and reinforced materials, thermoset sheet, including laminate

Fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composite material comprising a one-way or one-way reinforcing materials, such as felt textile fiber textile roving chopped strand combination or hybrid reinforcing material rovings and milled fibers and the like;

Test equipment:

◎Sample preparation equipment: injection molding machine with a standard sample was more than five or machined sample preparation

◎Test Equipment Host 20KN or 10KN computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine

◎Test equipment:

·Fixture: We recommend the use of three-point bending load loading system can evaluate rigid and semi-rigid material,

And while supporting span sample (size) is related to the thickness of the specimen, so that, before selecting a fixture, it is important to know the size range of the sample. Size head and the base loaded, for different standards, are different.

·During three-point bending test, to measure the displacement beam deflection is not accurate. Thus, in the three-point bending test, it is necessary to use a digital dial gauge or resistive strain gauge, to directly measure the radial and Strain.


About this Solution: We recommend that you carefully review the national standard GB / T 9341-2000 standard, in order to fully grasp the test equipment required to set up the test program and the results required.

Standards: GB / T 9341-2000 | JIS K7017 | JIS K7171 | JIS K7074 | ISO 178 | ASTM D790 

Sample Type: rectangular

Material: Plastic

Test type: flexing / bending