Fiber reinforced plastic tensile properties

Fiber reinforced plastic tensile properties  for the determination of the fiber reinforced plastic tensile stress, tensile modulus, Poisson's ratio, elongation at break and draw the stress - strain curve.

Fiber reinforced plastics for the recommended five tons computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, specimen holder fixture select Manual wedge stretch, tensile modulus Poisson's ratio measured must be configured to trace electronic extensometer measurement under stress deformation, Poisson's ratio, measured in addition to axial strain extensometer need to configure the width direction of the outer electronic extensometer, ZZ testing machine software automatically draws the stress - strain curve and automatically obtain the tensile stress, tensile modulus, Poisson's ratio result parameter.

About This Solution

Standards: GB / T 1447-2005

Sample Type: dumbbell-shaped

Materials: Composite Materials

Test Type: tensile