Determination of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber tensile stress-strain properties

Determination GBT vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber tensile stress-strain properties of vulcanized rubber and determination applicable 528-2009 or thermoplastic rubber properties such as tensile strength, tensile elongation, elongation strength, given stress elongation, yield point stretch modulus and yield point elongation, which measure the yield point, tensile stress and strain applies only to certain thermoplastic rubber and certain other compounds.

Select WDW-5 computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine test as a test host, rubber elongation when the force is large, it recommends a fixture self-locking function, tensile specimen, the change will continue to clamp mechanism with the deformation of the sample and to sample a continuous clamping force to ensure that the sample does not slip during the test. Wherein the tensile elongation, elongation strength, elongation measurement given stress indicators, you need to configure the measurement of large deformation measurement device, DBX800 large deformation measurement system we have for you fully meet the test requirements.

About This Solution

Standards: GB / T528-2009 | ASTM D412 | ISO37: 2005 | JIS K6251

Sample Type: ring | dumbbell-shaped

Material: Rubber

Test Type: tensile