Metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method

This standard specifies the method for tensile testing of metallic materials principles, definitions, symbols and instructions, the sample and its measurement, test equipment, test requirements, performance was measured for 6892 and test reports. Before the test, a detailed inspection of this standard, in order to fully grasp the results set the desired test equipment, test procedures and required.

We propose to you to meet ISO 6892 Test equipment:

◎Preparation of samples: by machining to obtain five or more standard sample, if necessary, marked points with a RBI machine

◎Test Equipment Host: 50KN ~ 3000KN various models of test equipment recommended 50KN ~ 600KN electronic universal testing machine, 300KN ~ 3000KN recommend using electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

◎Test equipment:

·Electronic extensometer:

·Fixture: We recommend using a hydraulic wedge grips or manual wedge grips

Standards: GB / T 228-2002 | ASTM E8 | ISO 6892 | EN 10002-1

Sample Type: dumbbell-shaped

Material: Metal

Test Type: tensile