Handling Precautions

The machine is computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, in operation, note the following:

1, The machine is driven by a motor ball screw to complete the test, when doing the experiment must pay attention to electrical safety.

2, This machine is doing stretching in space, next space do compression. Aids must be timely to turn down due to problems of space travel and aids (make sure to bend tensile test aids when taken down, make sure to do when curved stretch of aids taken down).

3, Due to heavy aids in the installation should pay attention to personal safety.

4, Before the experiment must be to make the machine back and forth a few turns of the rise and fall.

5, When a test must be in strict accordance with the national test standards in the process of doing the experiment must pay attention to personal safety (some samples more brittle in tension easily have broken debris flying out, must be safe measures).

6, After doing the experiment must be cleared of debris, to prevent debris from entering the machine screw inside.

7, After finishing the test in a timely manner to the test machine host power failure, power supply to the motor for a long time an will be impacting drive performance.

8, Regular equipment maintenance.