Pressure testing machine

  • automatic compression testing machine (available with bending)

    The test machine is mainly used for compressive or flexural testinginsulation material, ordinary cement mortar, oilwell cement, steel balls, polyurethane and other materials.

  • electronic compression testing machine

    The test machine is tested pellets(pellets) or other test materials for the crushing compression of the specialtest machine

  • computer-controlled hydraulic compression testing machine

    The testing machine is mainly used for compressive strength tests ofcement, concrete specimens and components of building materials, with specialaids after compression test can be used red brick, and can automaticallycalculate the relevant standards set forth in data, architectural engineeringtest unit, quality supervision departments, universities and large industrialand mining enterprises ideal d..

  • Digital hydraulic compression testing machine

    Digital display hydraulic compression testing machine is mainly used for concrete, buildingcomponents and mechanical testing of other materials.