Ancillary Products And Accessories

  • Ultrasonic Thickness

    ZZ150 is intelligent ultrasonic thickness gauge, using the advancedtechnology based on the use of single-chip technology developed by a low-powerlow limit pocket of intelligent measurement instruments, not only can support avariety of thickness measuring probe (heat / cast iron / small diameter probe),but also on different materials to adjust the speed of sound, and then measurethe material a good ..

  • Metallographic Microscope

    4XCmicroscope is mainly used to identify and analyze the metal structure of theorganization, it is an important metallurgical study of metal instruments.Casting, Quality of smelting, heat treatment, inspection or after handling rawmaterial analysis, the instrument can be used.

  • Upgrading (computer screen, computer control)

    Common test machine upgrade computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine Common test machine upgrade computer control hydraulic universal testing machine The main purpose ■ The system is suitable for 50KN-2000KN WE series hydraulic universal testing machine WEW upgrading the computer screen, electronic measurement..

  • Flaw detector

    ZZTS500 is a true color display full digitalultrasonic flaw detector that can quickly and easily, without damage toaccurately perform a variety of defects (cracks, inclusions, porosity, etc.) todetect, locate, assess and diagnose internal working parts.

  • Elemental Analyzer

    The device can detectcarbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, aluminum, raw cast iron, grayiron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron and other materials of C, S, Mn, P, Si, Cr,Ni, Mo, Cu, Ti, Al, W, V, Nb, Fe, Re, Mg, Co, Sb and the like.