• ceramic sand testing machines

    Ceramic sand pressure testing machine (ceramic pressure testingmachine) can detect high-strength ceramic and ordinary ceramic. According tohigh-strength ceramic (Lightweight aggregates and its test methods) newstandard, the label refers to the intensity of high-strength ceramic structureis not less than 25MPa with lightweight coarse aggregate. Ordinary ceramicbased on "Lightweight aggregates and..

  • spring tension and compression testing machine (gantry floor type)

    The test machine usesAC servo speed control system; the use of advanced chip technology,professional design and data acquisition and control system amplification, testforce, displacement, A / D conversion process to achieve a fully digitaladjustment. This machine is mainly used for all kinds of springs and steamsprings mechanical properties of conventional tests; computer-controlledcontrol softw..

  • Electric security appliance mechanical testing machine

    electrical safety equipment mechanical test machine, thenational power company "preventive test electrical safety equipment"requirements, according to the terms of the completion of the variouspreventive procedures mechanical properties test, widely used in electricpower, telecommunications, construction, etc. mechanical testing securityindustry, climbing tools. And can print out the order require..

  • computer control universal testing machine movement

    Computer control movement universal testing machine is mainly used for avariety of materials and parts, fatigue testing member can test fatiguecharacteristics under dynamic load sine, triangle, trapezoidal wave, squarewave, ramp, etc. tension and compression.

  • WDW-TLS Series Manual spring tension and compression testing machine

    The equipment ismainly used for tensile testing a variety of coil spring and compression tests.Under certain amount of deformation of the spring multi-point load test, ortest the deformation of the spring at a certain load. Mainly used in springmanufacture, low-voltage electrical appliances, power machinery, universitiesand research institutes laboratories and other departmentsComputer-controlle..

  • Manual Impact Testing Machine

    JB-300manual impact test machine is used to determine the impact resistanceproperties of metallic materials under dynamic load; In order to determine the material properties underdynamic loading.

  • WDW-TNS series of spring torsion testing machine

    Theequipment consists of mechanical afterburner, Torque detection, optical encoderangle display, consisting of base and other components, suitable for a varietyof torsion spring, scroll spring to do to reverse the test to measure thespring of torque at a certain angle, or in under certain angle torque measuringsprings, torsion testing can also be used other resilient member and frictionmechanism..

  • Semi-automatic impact testing machine

    Impact testing machine usedto determine the impact resistance properties of the metal material underdynamic load,The situation in order to determine the quality of materials under dynamicload effects.

  • spring fatigue testing machine series

    The test machine is controlled by the electromagnetic motor speedcontrol system, driven by the eccentric connecting rod reciprocating plate up,down, to complete the spring fatigue testing. The aircraft through the microcontrollercontrol, the number of tests to achieve automatic shutdown features includespring break down, it can carry out all kinds of spring fatigue life testingmachine high integrat..