• computer-controlled semi-automatic impact testing machine (room temperature)

    This series of impact testing machinefor the determination of metallic materials at room temperature (or low) stateUnder dynamic load resistance performance hit, inorder to determine the quality of materials under dynamic load status effects.,The machine adopts MCU control, Yang placed to achieve → Location → impact → measurement → calculation → store and analyze the results of the integration o..

  • (hydraulic, manual) impact notch broaching

    The series manual (orelectric) structure, According to userrequirements and configuration V-shaped, U-shaped pull any knife 2mm gap among, Hydraulic equipped with 2, A notch forming, Operationis extremely simple and reliable, Processingof the V-notch and U-notch (2mm). Tomeet the GB / T229-2007 《metal Charpy pendulum impact test》 and ASTM, EZ3, ISO148 and other international standards requirements..

  • impact notch projector

    The machine isdesigned to check the impact notch processing quality optical instruments, Simple operation, inspection contrast intuitive,high efficiency.

  • Impact test cryotank

    Low temperatureimpact test tank, Is an impact test and supporting the provisionof low-temperature environment for its sample a special test equipment, For cooling the sample at a low temperatureimpact test, Without ice, Coolingspeed, High precision temperature control is a newcooling methods - cascade cryogenic refrigeration compressor device (or liquidnitrogen cooling).

  • automatic compression testing machine (available with bending)

    The test machine is mainly used for compressive or flexural testinginsulation material, ordinary cement mortar, oilwell cement, steel balls, polyurethane and other materials.

  • electronic compression testing machine

    The test machine is tested pellets(pellets) or other test materials for the crushing compression of the specialtest machine

  • computer-controlled electronic tensile testing machine Horizontal

    The computer-controlledelectronic horizontal tensile testing machine can be used for a longer stretchsample a variety of metal materials, ropes, chains, lifting belt, widely usedmetal products, building structures, ships, military and other fields.

  • computer controlled servo horizontal tensile testing machine

    The test machine frame structure,computer-controlled single rod piston cylinder test force applied, withpre-tensioning mechanism, load force sensors, computer screen display testforce and test curves for wire and cable, rigging, crane tools, shackles, slingring. rope ring tensile test specimens.

  • computer-controlled hydraulic compression testing machine

    The testing machine is mainly used for compressive strength tests ofcement, concrete specimens and components of building materials, with specialaids after compression test can be used red brick, and can automaticallycalculate the relevant standards set forth in data, architectural engineeringtest unit, quality supervision departments, universities and large industrialand mining enterprises ideal d..